Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Final Poem of 2009 - Thank you, Read Write Poem Folks

I just posted my final poem of 2009.

I am completely satisfied.

I can't remember feeling quite
this at peace.

Blessed. Blessed. Blessed.

The photo at right is me, in the act of writing the poem.

To see the poem, go to the Poetry from Julie Jordan Scott blog - it is below these words.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Painting In Progress

For Creativity Every Day, 2010.

Read about its movement toward completion at the Julie Unplugged Blog.

Inspired by the Question from #Conscious 2010 :"What Roles Did I Play in 2009""

What roles have I played in 2009? That photo to the right here shows me in costume to play the last role I played in 2009. Sister Veronica. to be precise. On stage - but I don't think this question is concerning herself with fiction, so I will try a different approach.

Well, overnight – from midnightish… 12:44 am to be exact until about 3:35 I played the role of the trusted, service oriented friend. Did I want to be there? Was my dream coming true in being there? No. And Yes.

How long has it been since I have been comfortable calling a friend up and out of bed in the middle of the night to take on a three hour long chore to take care of me? Never. I have never done that, made that request on someone’s behalf.

Well, unless you count Cornell rescuing us from Chamberlain this Summer, which wasn't in the middle of the night and was, sort of, pre-planned.

So I have played rescuer and a rescuee.

I have been a creator and a model.

An artist and a subject.

“You are such a hippie!” said Parker and Emma in a giggling duet.

“No, I am not a Hippie, I am just me.” I quietly explained, Hippie-Buddha like.

Roles are the things other people put on me and say, “Wow, that role looks great on you.” To which I choose to say “Thank you!” and keep humming my song.

I play roles on stage: characters, time periods, archetypes, sometimes comedic relief.

The rest of the time, I am just tangibly, whole-hearted and whole-souledly…. Me.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Please help me choose the just-right-photo...

I participate in the festivities in Flickr Group Roulette - and I have posted the selections on my Julie Unplugged Blog (the blog where I normally do my creative play.)

Check it out and please, please, please vote... let me know there or here which makes you smile or giggle or think or feel the most....

Monday, December 28, 2009

Best09 Blog Challenge: Stationery, Anyone?

Gwen Bell wants to know our Best09 ….Stationery on December 28.

When you touch the paper, your heart melts. The ink flows from the pen. What was your stationery find of the year?

I enjoy the simple things in life. It started unconsciously and then moved into necessity and now, it is by choice.

I love stationery stores, office supply stuff – back to school sales make me salivate and it takes everything in me not to go berserk for the new stuff, the new stuff, the new stuff!

This year, 2009, I returned to the old fashioned composition book as my favored journal. I found them for something like 49 cents at a discount store at a back-to-school sale in July and bought a whole bunch.

They have been my faithful companion ever since with part of my process being creating fanciful covers for them… well, painting and collaging their covers – which you see in the images here.

I thought a final punctuation mark on this particular #Best09 Blog entry would be to share the first sentence in each book.

The date on the first one says “December, no…JULY 26, 2009.”

“I am looking into the future, to the day after Katherine turns 18.”

August 15, 2009

“It is Saturday morning.”

October 1, 2009

“Welcome to October.”

November 21, 2009

“It is almost noon at my cluttered kitchen table and I return to the page, my pencil leaving its non-xeroxable faces against the paper: truths which refuse to be replicated.”

Mindfully Coming Home to Myself

2009 has been an extraordinary year... on so many levels... perhaps even more than I am aware of as I type on this chilly end-of-December grey morning.

Yesterday I created a watercolor art journal cover for January, 2010. I imagine this particular journal will be more goal-sy with some art thrown in, more a mish-mash of work around the goals I set forth for this month, many of which include physical awareness of my body, which fits the Creative Every Day Theme.

Interesting, I was thinking this morning as I prepared to write this - how the Body and the Home - are so often interconnected. Maybe it is subconscious, but I definitely feel them, connected. Like my home is my body, my body is my home, and finding the core of my body is the same as finding my home and being in my home.

(A little existentialism as 2009 comes to its conclusion, eh?)

In case the words on the art aren't clear enough, they say:

Top left corner:

"Whoever you are, some evening take a step out of your house which you know so well."

~ Rainer Rilke

Bottom right, around the burned corner:

"Your eyes find it hard to tear themselves from the sloping threshold"

~ Rainer Rilke

Next to the tree:

"This is the year I am choosing to step, live, question and love differently."

~ Julie Jordan Scott (and)

above the second story windows on the house:

"Love the Question <3 Live the Question <3 Love the Question"

~ Julie Jordan Scott interpretation of Rilke

and the stepping stones to the front door of my childlike, ever present in my little girl art, complete with the smoke from the chimney....

They all bare the years of this decade... leading to the house marked 2010...

Oh, and along the outside of the house are the house numbers I have lived in...

2912 (Alta Vista Dr) 56 (Hawthorne Ave.) 33062 (De Soto Way) 1716-B (Argyle Ave) 229 (S. Kenmore)....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

10 X 10 in January 2010

One of my goals at includes 10 successes and I took it out, exponentially.

I created an art journal cover to keep track of all my successes, which I am including here - both the "in process" and the "calling it finished version" and... finally... my list of 10.

1. 10 Walks of at least 10 Minutes in length

2. 10 Intentional Conversations with 10 Different people I love

3. 10 Days of Food Diary entries

4. 10 Sessions of Mindful Decluttering

5. 10 Days of the 5 Tibetans

6. 10 Days of 10 Minute Stretching

7. 10 Poems selected for publications

8. 10 Chapters edited

9. 10 New Works of Art

10. 10 Handwritten notes

Best09 Blog Challenge: Best Social Web Moment

December 27: From Gwen Bell's Best09 Blog Challenge: Social web moment. Did you meet someone you used to only know from her blog? Did you discover Twitter?

The photos are: Jodi and I (in the belfry at John Muir's home! laughter!), Ti and I and Jan and I.

This Summer I met two women I had only known via the teleclasses I lead and the Yahoogroups we have been in as a result of those teleclasses. I have known these women for several years and yet meeting them, face-to-face, was so ultra cool.

I also met a friend from the social networking website

All the formalities were dropped and we dove immediately into the good stuff, you know?

First, I met Jodi. We decided to spend the morning at the John Muir home in Martinez, California. We have been writing together for years, so it seemed fitting that the place we would meet is the place John Muir wrote all his books.

Since I had the children with me (we were on our road trip, remember) I wanted to schedule moving-and-learning activities when I met friends rather than “lets sit in a Starbucks and chat” sort of moments. The John Muir home was the perfect place and we had a blast laughing and talking and photographing… we fell right into a delicious groove. She felt a little weird at first (surreal is probably a better word) but I was so close to heaven by that point, it was no big deal.

The night before, after all, I had met one of my friends from She had been a beloved for a long time and when I pulled into her driveway (again, with all three children) she was jumping up and down with glee. During that same day I had been to the college my Granny attended nearly eighty years ago and now, I was in the town where I first lived, as a baby, which just happened to be the town she lives in now.

I was on an emotional high that didn’t go away.

My children thought this was such fun, meeting these people who adored their Mommy and knew way too much about them… hey, I am a writer and they are some of my favorite subjects so naturally these “strangers to them” knew oodles about their lives. *Giggle*

It was two days later we arrived at a park for lunch where we met another friend from my writing life. Jan had prepared an outdoor lunch for us to munch on alongside her favorite river (she knew I am a river rat here in Bakersfield.) I think it was the Williamette River. We were late arriving there since we had to stop in Springfield, Oregon, to visit with anything Simpsons related (for Samuel).

Jan was a gracious host in her favorite park and once again, photos were brought out and pictures were taken, giggles were shared like little girls.

My daughter Katherine recalls those early days of our roadtrip with delight. “I loved meeting your friends and seeing how you responded to each other. You were all like little girls!”

A very high compliment, indeed.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A-Ha - The End of This Beginning - and Meaning It

Today, from Gwen Bell's Best09 Blog Challenge:

December 26 Insight or aha! moment. What was your epiphany of the year?

It happened as I was in the midst of a Middle-of-the-Night texting session with my friend, Julia. I was pacing in front of the home of our couch surfing host, Cornell, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. (The photo I have included has Cornell and his girlfriend, Christa, along with my children - I fell in love with Sioux Falls during our visit. And Cornell and Christa, too.)

In the texting with Julia, as I paced and frowned and wondered, I wrote, “I feel like this year, 2009, is about completion for me. So much of my life has been about unfinished stuff – so close but so far – like stillbirth. I feel like this unfinished dream is the culmination of that and this year, 2009, is the end of that cycle.”

2009 continued with a different weight for me and has continued to be a bit of a roller coaster but more of a mindful roller coaster. I have never been so calm about whatever happens, happening, and when I say things like “It isn’t good or bad, it just is” I actually mean it.

They aren’t just words anymore.

Friday, December 25, 2009

December 25 of this and that

I am behind on my best09 blog posts... and I am behind on my "Get Your Poem On" writing....

Here is a link to my most recent poem...

And I WILL catch up with my Best09 Blog Challenge posts, truly I will....

Friday, December 18, 2009

Read My #Best09 at Julie Unplugged

I continue to SLOG away at Gwen Bells Best09 Blog Challenge.

I enjoyed yesterday's blogging (which just got done today) because... well, it had been challenging to me until I finally decided to turn to my favorite people for help and guidance:

My readers.

Help me out, please...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Get Your Poem On #105

My motivation is flagging today YET I managed to pull together a poem I don't completely despise.

Read it here.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

ReadWritePoem.Org Prompts Trudge Me Along

I wrote from this week's prompt, again grudgingly:

This collage (the one in the photo) helped the writing process along.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hooray - White Canvas Monday!

It has been a rockin' roller coaster week of creativity.

I write a "this week in creativity" post over at Julie Unplugged.

I have posted my favorite photo of the week here, too.

Now I get to create all over again... woo hoo....

After a week of quasi-resting... yes yes yes....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pomegranate Clackety Clack

Today's offering due to the Poetics at ReadWritePoem.Org...
And the Mini-Challenge offering today (a short, grouchy Senryu....)

Hear me grumble and yes, see me write.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mini Challenge from Read Write Poem... and Best Blog Challenge

I did Art Every Day Month and thought "oh, no, what next?" and naturally fell right into the Best Blog 2009 Challenge.

I also have a new Poetry Mini-Challenge from ReadWritePoem.Org to deal with as well.

Not so wild about the topic, but am writing because that is what helps me to keep my knife sharpened, always.

Today's poem is "Remember to Forget"

Monday, November 30, 2009

Art Every Day Month Ends - Creavity Continues

I have had a busy busy time this month, creating like crazy. I barely even mentioned my primary art forms - performing and prose writing. I am thrilled to report, though, this week I am in tech week for my final play of the year - and after that, I am going to be directing a play in February and then focusing on my daughter, Katherine, who is leaving for college in the Fall.
There will be roles when I elect to act again. I just need time to be with her.
So - this art every day month awakened my visual art self. On this last day, I focused on photography and a bit of poetry.
I added favorite couple photos, and remember to go to Julie Unplugged for the whole story.
Thank you for reading!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Phew on November 29

Closing night for "Beyond Therapy" went great, even though I was running like a headless chicken for much of the hours preceding our final curtain.

I will miss this cast very much. It was truly a fine experience.

AND I created throughout the day. My favorite photos of the day are featured here, for you... and to read my musings on the Julie Unplugged blog, please take a moment to visit.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Have you ever made a leaf angel?

Samuel did, yesterday - with a little bit of Mommy coaxing-coaching.

(He is such a good sport!)

Read all about my artful day yesterday - we are on our 28th day! by visiting here:

Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 27: Grateful for Art with Samuel and Dinner with Friends-Like-Family

Beloved Ones:

I continue to be humbled by the comments on the poem I shared yesterday as a part of ReadWritePoem.Org's "Get Your Poem On" prompt. Thank you for those of you would read and commented and if you haven't had the chance and would like to read, please visit here now.

Today's Art Every Day post... oh, it made me smile. Making hand art with Samuel. Sweet moments like this don't come along everyday... or maybe, with intention, they do and they will.

Something to think about and "create my way into" today... and tomorrow... and the next and the next and the next....
I am grateful you are here and you are reading.....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Memory Showers bring new Art

I spent much of yesterday and most of this morning bathed in recollection. I am grateful I have learned how to take what could be debilitating sadness and turn it into art, instead.

Check out what I did on my Julie Unplugged Blog

Enjoy your holiday! Be blessed and be a blessing!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 25: It was Sludgy. Beyond Sludgy at times.

But I did manage to create another piece of hand art, anyway.

Read about my adventures in sludge turned to cuddles on my Julie Unplugged blog.
I just wrote, just now, a modernized haiku, more on the sludge so I will "premiere" it here:
Grey. Sludge. Not. Today.
Did. You. Get. to. Work. On. Time?
Love. Amidst. Rubble.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today's Morning Pages: Tomorrow

Two haiku flowed off my pen and onto my morning pages notebook this morning.

hand held wheel barrow
Empty the tears she's crying
Salt stains the dry soil

Nudge Samuel from bed
"The bus will be here real soon!"
Sleep rubs off his eyes

I uploaded today's Art Every Day Month post, miracles abounding. I am so grateful I took on this challenge.

Want to see? Visit here.

I am trying to learn how this blog works, but its primary function is to link you back to my usual blogs while making it easier for me to post at BlogSpot, which always freaked out when I tried to leave comments in the past.

You know the saying from Einstein about insanity. I decided, "Awww, heck, create a simple blog presence and link back to the "Real!" stuff... or the "other" real stuff.

Have a glorious day.

Monday, November 23, 2009

After the Weekend...

I am having a challenge getting started on this Monday Morning.

I am going to use my sure fire method for change - some movement, some music, some cinnamon and sugar toast. :-)

I love this self portrait I took yesterday - what do you think?

And finally - for my Art Every Day meanderings, this is the link to my Day 23 Meanderings.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I created this Blog to be a Portal to my other blogs, especially for Blogger Users

I have had a sort of difficult time negotiating the comment posting on Blogger and Blogspot. Instead of fighting it, I decided to create this blog in order to link to my other blogs... and places of creativity - in hopes people will have an easier way to find my work.

So, without any further ado:

Today, I created some Zentangle Hand Art.
Read all about it on my JulieUnplugged Blog.