Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today's Morning Pages: Tomorrow

Two haiku flowed off my pen and onto my morning pages notebook this morning.

hand held wheel barrow
Empty the tears she's crying
Salt stains the dry soil

Nudge Samuel from bed
"The bus will be here real soon!"
Sleep rubs off his eyes

I uploaded today's Art Every Day Month post, miracles abounding. I am so grateful I took on this challenge.

Want to see? Visit here.

I am trying to learn how this blog works, but its primary function is to link you back to my usual blogs while making it easier for me to post at BlogSpot, which always freaked out when I tried to leave comments in the past.

You know the saying from Einstein about insanity. I decided, "Awww, heck, create a simple blog presence and link back to the "Real!" stuff... or the "other" real stuff.

Have a glorious day.


  1. Thank you, Lila! It came as a part of the Art Every Day project, as did this Blog... kind of a necessity after getting blocked from posting comments.

    Anyway - THANK YOU. I think I will keep it! :-)


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