Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vision Board - Collage, Art, Writing all Whipped Up

I am working on Day 4 of 21 in The Whole Self's Creative Divine created by my friend, Nicola Warwick.

I am taking many more than 21 days! Oh, well. The 21 days started the day Mercury Retrograde ended and I am still shaking it off, apparently.

Today our task was to create a vision board.

How I am working this 21 Day Project is to read the prompt and let it ruminate for a bit before plunging into the task which accompanies each day.

Today, it is very image rich with fewer words, although there are plentiful a-ha's brewing... from the poetry I am blossoming to my theme and intention for the year - Tangible Soul - to my family and my business... this vision board is rocking me.

Here is some of the process for you to see, visually.

The process begins with cutting and for me, writing, collecting, and listening to the intuitive call to choose, to cut, to place and glue. I almost always start with writing. Not a surprise, I am thinking...

SP 27/365 - From my chin - 365X3

For Creative Divine 21 Days

The left hand side of the journal - vision board. Can you see some famous faces, sans hair, bodies, etc?

They inspire me - and are reminding me of utilizing my senses to bring tangible soul to... tangibility. I also had an a-ha which I will relate to the music in this collage and the photo of Charles Bukowski (do you see him?)

Music is an intangible, when experienced... primarily.

And it creates an intangible which often brings things tangible. People create to music, people relate to music, people are inspired and motivated by music... yet it floats through the ethers.

It is the physical human making an intangible and then remixing or recirculating with the tangible. Still need to journal more on that - this is a PROCESS post after all.

This is the right hand side of the collage.

What strikes you about it?

For Creative Divine 21 Days

I also gleaned from some of my folders and drawers of unused stuff which included some photos of me and my children. The childhood Julie with the dirty knees is a photo I especially love.

Tangible Soul.

Love that, love what this Vision Board is bringing out so far.

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