Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How Three Simple Words Impact, Inspire and Ignite

Three word Wednesday: beacon, grieve, kindred.

These three words made me angry.

It felt like the 3WW had been poking around in my carefully guarded lingerie drawer, digging for fertile secrets amidst the not-well-worn silky blacks and lacy pinks.

How long ago was it I sat in a support group for parents who had lost babies and I found the women who were still grieving many years later pitiful, as a group. "I won't be like that" I sneered on the inside while my face wore a compassionate sorrowful mask.

I have become one of them and today, with this prompt, it pisses me off.

So I wrote a haiku.

Her words, a beacon

"You don't have to grieve alone"

Kindred, at long last....


  1. Wow, such power and emotion in such few words.

  2. So short yet so powerful and emotional.

  3. Phew, I second and third everything above!

  4. Wow! Put like that I can see your point clearly.

  5. This one was emotional, touched me. The haiku has the punch and sums up your emotions

  6. I'm sorry. It makes me feel unfeeling as well, because none of us really understands until it happens to us.

  7. Strong piece about a topic that surrounds many!

  8. That was unbelievably powerful. Wow. Most powerful haiku I have ever experienced.

  9. Very powerful, and I also enjoyed your explanation.

    Attendance Optional

  10. hugs... and they are not near enough


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