Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Writing My Way to Completion

The highlight of this past week was a trip to Tucson, ostensibly to see Katherine sing in the Western Regional Honor Choir with her buddies from East Bakersfield High School Chamber Singers, but beyond that - I went... again, supposedly, to regroup and regenerate after the closing of First Kisses.

As is so often the case, I hit the ground running and had a-ha after a-ha, soulful moment after soulful moment and not that much time just refreshing myself except sometimes, for me, that hub bub of activity IS regenerative.

I am back at my desk now and writing like crazy -

My Wordful Wednesday entry is to be found here....

My Three Word Wedneday entry may be found here....

And my Wordless Wednesday, again - homage to Tucson, may be found here....

Life continues to move forward with a rock-n-roll pace. Before I know it, I will be in Massachusetts with Katherine for Spring break and then it will be graduation and then it will be the East Coast again and then?

Katherine will be at Smith, I will be left with two children at home for the first time in... well, since Emma was born when it was just Bianca and Katherine.

I am writing, and oh, I am loving writing. And my Writing Camp is going exceptionally well. So well, I am going to offer another soon.

Life is wondrous.


  1. My goodness you are prolific. What an inspiration. Keep it up!

  2. Love how you "create in the middle of things"...little joys of writing, big joys of writing...and family right in the mix!

    Love your words!

  3. YEA! Goodness, sounds like you are on a ROLL. Thanks for the oh-so-kind comment on my blog, but you don't need any reminding...heck, YOU inspire ME to keep running. :) I'm looking forward to reading through some more of your posts to keep the inspiration coming.


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