Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Creative Hop Scotch This Week

Let's see - I created this blog primarily as a stand-in when the Typepad blog poofs itself up AND for when my Blogspot and Blogger friends, for whatever reason, have an issue with me making comments. This year is about, among other things, commenting for connection so therefore a Blogspot blog became necessary.

That said, oftentimes people may land here and wonder where is the words which match the comment theme?

So - some of my tip toes on typepad this week include:

My Wishcasting Wednesday Post

My Creative Every Day Post

My Wordless Wednesday Post

Lots of breakthroughs are happening here... which is exciting. I have had more time off from rehearsals so I have been chasing sunsets and singing karaoke and fixing three hot meals a day for my kids. I am feeling rather June Cleaver-ish, so if I break out pearls and heels simultaneously, someone stop me!

Next week I will find myself in Massachusetts... which makes me very excited.

So much love to YOU!


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