Sunday, April 20, 2014

What if? A Magpie Tales Poem

>> Note: Normally I post my poetry at my Julie Jordan Scott Poetry Page but Typepad has been experiencing some sort of attack with a lot of downtime for the last few days. I decided to come to this alternative blogging location and share my response to today's Magpie Tales Prompt. Here goes:

Finland, 1968 George Mobley (Prompt from Magpie Tales)

What if
We all kissed?
Each one
Choose one
(or several as in
Mama’s and kidlets)
What if
We all hugged?
Open arms
Rush in
Laugh, cry, gasp
Whisper secrets
What if
We all looked
And listened
And sniffed
And allowed the
Skin on our faces
To be lifted up
To greet the rain -
What if our
Faces kissed the rain
And didn’t wipe the
Kisses off?
What if?
What if?
What if?


  1. This picture does inspire one to ask questions doesn't it? I found myself asking questions too in my writing. I like your poem. It is hopeful.

  2. Just fabulous, what if indeed......

  3. marvelous- wouldn't it be wonderful!!!

  4. My grandfather always used to say that if it wasn't for 'what if' he would be a millionaire. I don't know if it translates too well into English, but I hope it still makes sense. Beautiful piece!

  5. I'd be praying for rain every day....

  6. What if indeed..the world might be a better place..

  7. Theres gold in them thar' hills !

  8. Lovely! This is almost like a prayer.

  9. Delightful. I only wish…


  10. Lovely thoughts...I felt kissing here as well...

  11. What if, indeed? Actually, I recently shared hugs with many people I'd never hugged before, and likely won't again. It was a sad occasion, but the hugs sure helped.


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