Friday, September 24, 2010

In this moment I hear ohmmmm....

I was surprised to find myself writing along with the group during the freewriting time during "And Now You Write." This isn't my usual - normally as facilitator I just hold the space...but the power of the collaboration moved my pencil. I could not stop these words from being born if I tried!

So, that being said, here is what I heard and wrote today during the And Now You Write session:

I vote for the oh, the pitter patter of gloating jokes leave foam at the open mouth of the ugliest gnome. A sassy pants drone, he is. My heart's metronome calls, instead, for ohm. It invokes my soul home, and the round mouth bicycle tire spokes of bristle cone seeds taking root in my spoken truth woven in ohm.

In this moment, I hear ohm. Ohm. Ohm....

If you would like to experience the creative writing community of "And Now You Write" please join us for this, and other, writing prompts.


  1. i LOVE this writing, Julie. love it. ohm ohm.... i can hear your words in my soul, dear.

  2. :) Fun post Julie. Enjoyed reading that. I find it really hard to string together sentences!

  3. "the power of the collaboration moved my pencil." It's wonderful and almost magical sometimes how a group of people can inspire and energise each other. In my writing group sometimes we even find our writing linking in some telepathic spooky way - so that let's say a completely ambiguous writing prompt still leads a few of us in the same or complimentary direction.



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