Thursday, February 4, 2010

Poetry Mini Challenge, Poem #1

I posted this on my type-pad blog but the font kept coming out funky, so I am attempting it here to see if it is more visually appealing.

I am falling in deep love with Denise Levertov, chosen for more reasons than I can count. This first patch work was almost too easy.

She is that good, it all works. It all works.

The first collection of hers I bought was her last collection, a compilation of poems found neatly typed and compiled in a binder. I loved that I can see her last poem.

My fervent wish is when I die, some one is delighted to see, to experience, to know my last poem, too.

This poem is a patchwork of the following poems:

Looking, Walking, Being
From the Roof
On a Theme by Thomas Merton
Talking to Grief

Looking's a way of being: one becomes.
You long for your real place to be readied
palpate darkness, the void
hidden river, who can say which it is we see, we see

This wild night, gathering the washing as if it were flowers
Fragmented Adam stares.
sometimes, a pair of eyes walking
walking in the dark and the wind over broken earth

You think I don't know you've been living -
You are not present to yourself. God
I should trust you.
My arms full of playful rebellious linen, a freighter

Breathing to sustain
I recall out of my joy a night of misery
And language? Rhythms
suffers the void that is his absence


  1. However you did it I'm glad you got this posted Julie. Another interesting poet (how many many there must be) and nicely assembled here.

    Looking's a way of being
    This wild night, gathering the washing as if it were flowers

    ...are just two most interesting lines. Eager to read more.
    Thanks for these Julie.

  2. I love the beginning line! Perfect! I definitely have to read more of her poems!

  3. Just amazed by how patchwork becomes new. Julie you picked all the best lines! Then again all her lines speak. -Irene

  4. this works really well! in addition to being a good poem, so many of the lines seem to work well with the spirit of the cento -- a wild night, gathering, arms full, playful rebellion, walking in the dark. great choices!

  5. You stitched well!: from wild night to fragmented Adam, it all ties together wonderfully.

  6. Beautiful. I am really seeing some good work coming out of the mini-challenge, and this is no exception. My favourite moment has to be in the last two lines: "Rhythms/suffers the void that is his absence". I find a real story emerging out of the way you pieced together her lines. Well done.

  7. Isn't that a photo of Diane DiPrima?


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